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Style Sanctuary

Join Our Soulful Style Sanctuary

There’s nothing more energising than a group of like-minded women, each on their own journey, all positively encouraging and lifting each other up. Women shine brighter together. Every day the Soulful Style Sanctuary is a glow with good vibes!

The Soulful Style Sanctuary is an open, vibrant, supportive sisterhood of like-minded women following our step-by-step journey through mindset, colour and style. It’s an online journey to discover at your own pace, in your own time.

We celebrate our differences, share our struggles, and discover how colour, shape and style can transform how we feel about ourselves. We’re here to inspire, encourage and cheer (really loudly!) for each other – because together we are stronger.

Ready to begin your voyage of style and self discovery?

Join our Soulful Style Sanctuary

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£19.99 p/m

Soulful Style Sanctuary Membership

It starts with YOU!
Take time out from your busy life to:

Create your personal style journey roadmap

Learn how to use colour, from depth and undertones to clarity and hues – there’s a hue for every you!

Rediscover your body shape and how to dress it to its full potential

Find your happy place

Find your happy place - positivity and good vibes only!

  • Reconnect with the woman you see in the mirror – and other women like you.
  • Transform your well-being through your wardrobe.
  • Learn about the psychological impact of colour and how tones and shades have the power to affect your mood.
  • Discover how to choose the healing hues and styles that make you feel fabulous and how to wear them every single day.
  • Gain a new lease of life by gift-wrapping your body in styles, shapes and colours that make you feel a million dollars, without the million dollar price tag!
  • Feel confident, empowered and ready to face any situation life throws at you.
  • Learn, explore and interact in your own time, at your own pace.

You might have tried personal styling before, but

The Soulful Style Sanctuary is different.

We start from within, not with the clothes. This time we’ll nail the mindset shift and make it stick. That’s a promise.

The Soulful Style Sanctuary

Soulful Style Sanctuary

What’s included in your membership:

  • Full access to our Soulful Style Sanctuary online community.
  • Style courses, weekly video chats and interactive events.
  • Reading list, colour meditations and affirmation tools to make your glow up the greatest yet.
  • Wellness and personal growth materials to support your growth journey, from the inside out.
  • Super, instantly shoppable style inspo boards (refreshed every month for each body shape and colouring) for ultra easy updates to your look and more style choices.
  • Exclusive member discounts.

for only

£19.99 per


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