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Rediscover yourself with The Soulful Stylist

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Hello Gorgeous!

You know you’re utterly ace, don’t you? You might not be feeling that way right now, but you absolutely will once you’ve completed your glow and grow journey with me, The Soulful Stylist.

Why Soulful?

Well, there’s a powerful link between colour, energy and confidence. Every colour has its own set of vibrations that affect our wellbeing in different ways. So if you’re feeling lost trudging around in the same old dull shades, chances are those colours are seriously affecting your mood and confidence, without you knowing.

Reconnect with who you are and reclaim your identity

The Soulful Stylist is about much more than ‘knowing your colours’.

It’s a holistic approach to personal styling that starts with a magical mindset shift. If you don’t know who you are right now and you feel a bit lost, I see you. I’ve been there.

Kids, partners, careers, homes, parents, body hang-ups, hormones, energy dips – us women have a lot to deal with! If you’ve lost sight of who you are in the whirlwind of life, making progress can seem more than a little bit tricky.

Here’s the scoop…

Reconnect with your identity
Personal Stylist here to guide you

You don’t have to be all those things, to all of those people, all of the time.

Think of me as your Style Sat Nav. I’m here to guide you through a process to help you make the shift you want and well and truly get your glow back. We’ll make peace with the girl you were, say Hello to the woman you are today, and look forward to the fabulous future self you will become.  

Sound like something you can get on board with?

Why women choose The Soulful Stylist

Reignite your confidence
and transform your well-being through reconnecting with yourself and other women like you.

Learn about the psychological impact of colour, discover your own healing hues and how to use them to curate a well-being wardrobe.

Gain a new lease of life
by learning how to gift-wrap your body in styles and shapes to create dopamine dressing magic.

About Kate Harrison, personal stylist

Hello Gorgeous! I’m Kate, your Colour Therapist, Mindset Magician and Personal Stylist.

I’ve worked in the fashion and style industry for 20 years, helping thousands of women to look and feel great. I co-created the UK’s first ever Style Advice and Colour Studio, have presented TV styling shows, and curated and hosted retail fashion and style events all over the UK.

I am 100% here to help you feel good about yourself and achieve well-being through your wardrobe. I’ve been where you are and found my purpose. I want you to feel confident, comfortable and excited to experiment with colour and style, and use it to grow in every part of your life.  

Kate Harrison, Personal Stylist Photo

What my customers say

Three ways to start your style journey

Attend An Online Group Workshop

Boost your glow-up with small group coaching by The Soulful Stylist herself. Invest in YOU with themed, online sessions to supercharge your personal style, confidence and growth.    

Join The Soulful Style Sanctuary

Step away from the hustle and bustle and carve out time for you in our little sanctuary of soul and style. Rekindle your confidence and transform your well-being alongside women like you, all for an affordable £19.99/mth.  

Private One-To-One Mentoring

If you feel more comfortable in a
one-to-one setting, The Soulful Stylist has limited availability for personal mindset, colour and style mentoring. Please get in touch for options and details.

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